Krang is a character who appears in season 4. He is voiced by Pat Fraley.


It is revealed that he and Kraang Subprime are cousins, and that Sub-Prime banished him to the second dimension. He attempted to redeem himself by using three dimensionizers to destroy the 1987, 2012 and Prime realities. Once both the 1987 and 2012 Turtles thwart his scheme and reveal it to Kraang Sub-Prime, the latter gets angry that his cousin would destroy dimensions the Kraang had been trying to mutate for thousands of years. After giving Krang a thrashing, Sub-Prime banished him back to 1987 Earth.




  • Krang's Origins seems to have changed from the 1987 series, as this series states that Krang comes from the 2012 version of Dimension X, and The Kraang had banished him to the 1987 version of Earth for being a screw-up.
    • In the original series, it was stated that Krang was a warlord and used to have a body until he was stripped of it, reducing him to a brain-like form and banished from Dimension X.
    • Although in the 1987 series episode "Four Musketurtles" a flashback scene shows Krang's species looking just like him.
    • However in the episode "Invasion of the Krangazoids" Krang cloned himself, and the clones grew reptile-like bodies, hinting that may have been what Krang used to look like.
    • Furthermore in the 2012 series episode "Wanted: Bebop and Rocksteady," Krang states to the 2012 versions of Bebop and Rocksteady that he and Shredder are the counterparts to their world's Shredder and Kraang, indicating that Krang's origin has changed yet again. This, of course, may just be a grandiose claim to make Krang and Shredder appear more impressive. It could also very well be a reference to the various inconsistents of Krang's origin.


  • "So you've allied yourselves with your dimensional counterparts, eh?


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