Attila The Frog
Atilafrog 13


Mutant Frog

Skin Color



Punk Frogs


Napoleon Bonafrog,Genghis Frog,Rasputin The Mad Frog


Ninja Turtles (Formely)

Voiced by

Maurice Lamarche

First Appearance

The Croaking

Attila is the mutant frog who leads the Punk Frogs.


Early Life

Before Attila mutated he was once a happy frog until the humans bulldozed half of his home.

Season Three

In Buried Secrets, Mom-Thing spilled some mutagen on him, turning him into a humanoid Frog.

In The Croaking, he meets Michelangelo and allows him to live with the frog clan after hearing he ran away from his old home. Attila has Genghis Frog lead a squad of frogs to liberate the young turtle's brothers who he believed were being held captive. The frogs capture April and Casey, Attila soon learns that Michelangelo was friends with them and has him imprison with them. Attila then reveals his past with humans and his plan of having Rasputin mutate other frogs so they can build an army to invade and take over nearby human cities. The other turtles arrive resulting in a battle, during said fight Attila fights against Leonardo before a fire breaks out. When Napoleon alerts the other frogs to escape, Attila tries to get his followers to continue fighting before he is knocked out by Casey who takes him away with April. Attila is surprised by humans saving him and is told by April that not all humans are bad leaving pondering on his thoughts. The next day, Attila gathers his followers and tells them that he has come to see that not all humans are evil which brings a smile to the turtles and the humans. Attila then promotes Napoleon to General for his nature. The frogs soon leave for Louisiana to live with the frogs living there.


Attila is the leader and king of the Punk Frog clan.


Attila is a big, fat, blue poison dart frog. He wears a birds nest for a crown and a cape made of leaves.  



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