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The Woods




Worm-Like Tendrils


Mutant Eagle-Worm-Salmon Hybrid

Hair Color

Reddish Feathers

Eyes Color


The First Apparence

Eyes of the Chimera

The Chimera is a mutant that is combination of an earthworm, a salmon, and an eagle.


The Chimera is a three-animal hybrid creature, mutated from an eagle, a salmon and a worm.

It was created at the end of Race with the Demon, when Speed Demon exploded, spilling some mutagen gasoline on an eagle, which was carrying a salmon, which ate a worm.

Chimera is born.jpg
The eagle, with a salmon in its mouth, with a worm in its mouth, getting struck with mutagen.

After an accident with Donnie's neurotransmitter, April got a psychic link with the creature, she could see everything the the Chimera saw. The Chimera captured Raph, Donnie, Mikey, and Casey, and took them to its nest, leaving a weak Leo and a blind April to rescue them. When the guys tried to escape becoming food, they fall into a crevasse. When April and Leo reach the nest, they find the others, but then the Chimera grab both of them, but a mid air struggle between the three of them, the Chimera falls into the crevase freeing the guys, but soon the gusyer erupts causing a landslide. Everyone escapes unharmed and April regains her sight. The Chimera is last seen bursting through the rubble of the explosion, and is about to eat a squirrel.


  • The Chimera is the second mutant to be a combination of more than one animal. The first being Justin.
  • In original Greek Myth, Chimera is a lion, goat and snake as tail mixed up together with power of fire-breath.
  • The Chimera resembles the giant bird fromĀ The Giant Claw, a 1957 science fiction film.
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