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Fungus Humungous


Mutant Mushroom

Skin Color

Green, Blue, and Yellow

Eye Color



Fungus Controller


Mushroom Men

Voiced by

Fred Tatasciore

Fungus Humungous is a mutant mushroom who first appeared in Fungus Humungous.


"Forget what you thought you knew about mushrooms! From the depths of New York City’s sewers, my great eye sees all. As leader of the mushroom men, I command an army of loyal servants, and thanks to our mind-altering spores, I will tap into the greatest fears of anything that comes in my way, be it man, or Turtle!"

- Fungus Humongus


Fungus Humungous first appeared in the episode Fungus Humungous. It is never revealed how he was mutated, or whether he was a regular mushroom or human before. He is the leader of the Mushroom Men.

He sends out his Mushroom Men to spray the Turtles, Casey, and April with a toxin that makes you see your greatest fear.

Leonardo managed to over come his fear and destroy Fungus Humungous with sunlight! He's one of the few mutants to be truly destroyed, and with him, an entire faction went with him. 



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