Genghis Frog
Genghisfrog 05


Mutant Frog

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Napoleon Bonafrog,Attila The Frog,Rasputin The Mad Frog


Punk Frogs


Ninja Turtles (Formely)

Voiced by

Kevin Michael Richardson

First Appearance

The Croaking

Genghis Frog is a mutated frog and brother to Napoleon Bonafrog. He is a member of the Punk Frogs.


Buried Secrets: At the end, he was the frog seen with the Mutagen Ooze on his head right before the episode ended in a comic style.

The Croaking: Genghis led the attack on the O'Neil Farmhouse in an effort to "rescue" the turtles. However, after he found out they were friends with humans, he turned against them really quick. In the battle at the tree, he nearly killed Raphael when the turtle was tied up with tongues, but got kicked away by Mikey. He is seen at the end of the episode losing his position as General to Napoleon, which he finds truly frustrating.


Genghis was the general of the Punk Frogs and helps control the Frog army for Attila, being one of his right hand men.

However, when Napoleon took his place what exact rank he holds now is unknown.


He is very aggressive much like Raphael, his turtle counterpart. He can also be a bully as he called Napoleon a little baby for not accepting punishment and fleeing after nearly destroying the frog's tree home.

Like his fellow frogs, he does not like humans as shown when he led an attack on the O'Neil Family Farmhouse and captured the two humans living there.

Once in battle, he will go through great lengths to stop his enemies at any costs as shown when he nearly killed Raphael.


Genghis is a mutated frog with a giant acorn for a hat. He wears gauntlets around his arms and legs as well as a furry vest and necklace.



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