Shini Swings Hypno Stone

Shinigami using her Hypno Stone to mesmerize and temporarily delay Tiger Claw

The Hypno Stone is an artifact wielded by Shinigami and the inherited by the rest of her family among generations. It is also used as the counter-weight to Shinigami's Kusarigama.

The tool allows its user to hypnotize any person and implant commands in its subject's mind, forcing the subject to enter a state of hypnotic trance where its mind is highly suggestible. Shinigami has demonstrated great abillity with arts of hypnotism, being able to force any person to do whatever she wills, or simply guide it to a state where she can access the deepest layers of her mind, for many therapies such as memory regression. The only exception in which Shirigami's attempt to hypnotize someone failed was when she tried to do it with Tiger Claw.

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