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The power cell is a source of power that was used to control The Kraang's portal to Dimension X but the mutant gator Leatherhead stole the cell to keep The Kraang from coming to earth. It first appears in the episode It Came From The Depths. When Leatherhead gave the cell to Mikey, Donnie used it to power the Shellraiser but The Kraang returned and stole the cell. In the episode TCRI, The Kraang finally use the power cell to open the portal. In Showdown, Leo managed to destroy it and destroy the portal once and for all.



  • It is some kind of crystal from Dimension X.
  • In addition to the Kraang's portal, it can power other electric objects like the Shell Raiser.
  • Donatello calculates that the cell could power an entire city...on the moon, flashlights & Phones.
  • The Kraang can track it's power signature anywhere.
  • Donnie puts the power cell in a lead case to prevent the Kraang from finding it.
  • It has a similar to Mutagen Ooze.
  • It is revealed that the Kraang have more of them from Dimension X, because they have to use them to operate their walkers.