Laser Guns are The Kraang's main weapons. It is unknown what they use for ammunition as they never seem to run out. Many are equipped with a saw-toothed bayonet for close encounters of the painful kind! 

Official Description 

The Kraang's shooter of choice also features a saw blade for close encounters.

The weapon has some sort of an indicator in its frontal part. In the normal position, the light scale is at the zero point. Before firing, the weapons require some time to charge (the progress bar is filled with a distinctive sound) and then can shoot continuously.


  • It is not technically laser, but some sort of weapon that shoots slower-than-light energy bolts.
  • It looks like the damaging factor of this weapon is some sort of non-thermal, electric or radiation blast, judging by the almost complete absence of any effect of missed shots on the walls, equipment and furnishings around.
  • The poor accuracy of this weapons is most probably explained due to the Kraangs lack of basic reflexes needed to control a regular "body".
  • Its appearance is slightly similar to The Lancer from the Gears of War video game series.
  • It has a self-destruct function.
  • Leo and Mikey are the only Turtles to have actually tried using these (Mikey failed).
    • It seems that a lot of characters have used these weapons other than the Kraang such as: Leo, Mikey, Kirby O'Neil, Spy-Roach, Pigeon Pete, and possibly a few others.