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The Kraang Security Orb is a tool of The Kraang. They are robotic orbs that are programmed by The Kraang for security. When they detect a threat, they start shooting at it. One of the Kraang Security Orbs debut in Return to New York.


Ever since the Ninja Turtles have left New York City, The Kraang have been guarding the Turtles' Lair. So they created these robotic orbs that are programmed for security purposes. These are known as Kraang Security Orb.


Return to New York: The Kraang Security Orb detected Donatello's ninja star, and shot at them until it presumed they were defeated. Shortly after, it exterminated a poor rat.

Serpent Hunt: Multiple security orbs were seen patrolling the city for anybody left.

Battle for New York: Multiple security orbs were patrolling the city and helped the kraang fight the turtles but were defeated and with the rest the kraang and were banished to Dimension x with the rest of the Kraang . .


  • While guarding, these orbs seem fairly similar to Baxter Stockman's Balls of Doom.