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A Kraangdroid is the robotic body a Kraang needs to operate for its missions. For information on the ailens themselves please see "The Kraang".


It has technology decades ahead of Earth's tech. It is similar to the Utroms in the 2003 series. The droid itself is humanoid in shape with a cockpit in the abdomen for the Kraang brain. They are very strong and agile but cannot withstand forceful attacks from bladed weapons. When venturing out into public, the Kraang disguise the droids as humans. In these disguises, the Kraangdroids all look like identical men in black business suits. The Kraang can only speak english while inside a Kraangdroid and their voices have a harsh, metallic tone. Also, some Kraangdroids have been outfitted with jetpacks allowing for sustained flight. The Kraangdroids do not seem to have any built-in weaponry but they are almost always seen carrying Kraang Laser Guns.

A much larger 25 foot Ultimate body is used by Kraang Prime it is hidden in the walls of the Technodrome. The head of the Ultibody has a fork shaped intena on top. It is homage to the 1987 Krang body.


  • Kraang Prime uses the ultimate body. And its head resembles the head from the 1987 version of Krang.
  • The Kraang Droids are similar to the B1 Battle Droids of Star Wars
  • Its overall body style slightly resembles Infiltration Unit Zeta from the DCAU show The Zeta Project.
  • Unlike in the 2003 series, the light color when the Utrom droids are activated is blue, but in the 2012 series, the Kraangdroid suit light color is pink.
  • The Kraangdroid's arms and legs are not physically attached to the body.
  • Their hands seem to be the key to a lot of computers and doors. For example: Metalhead used a Kraangdroid's hand to access the key to free all the mutants in the Kraang Prison.
    • Also, their heads seem to be keys also. For example: Donatello used a Kraangdroid's head to open a door in the Kraang base.
    • Some Kraang wear blue bodysuits over their bodies, this indicates a difference between blue Kraang and regular Kraang.