Mega Shredder
Mega Shredder Profile


Super crustacean/ sardine mutant




Roughly 60 meters

First Appearance

Return to New York (as Shredder Mutants),
Attack of the Mega Shredder (as Mega Shredder)

Last Appearance

Attack of the Mega Shredder

Mega Shredder is the result of the recreated Shredder Elite  who got mixed together to create a monstrous giant clone of Shredder with many eyes and spikes.


As Shredder Elite:

Return to New York:

Meet Mondo Gecko: The Shredder Elite made a brief cameo as a silhouette in the audience at Fishface's race.

As Mega Shredder:

Shredder Elite

As the Shredder Elite

Attack of the Mega Shredder: After Leonardo sarcastically suggests Bebop and Rocksteady to make a bigger mutant rather than a turtle mutant, the two got an idea to make an even better mutant. They lure the three Shredder Elite with sardines, then throw the latter into the mutagen. Foolishly, the Shredder Mutants dive in to get their food anyway and become the Mega Shredder.


Mega Shredder resembles a blob with eyes, spikes and mouths on his heads, chest & belly. He also has a huge hulking arm and smaller, thinner arms and feet on his right side. He has metal plating, an armored tail and two stumpy feet. While we don't know much about his anatomy, we do see his stomach when Mikey gets swallowed by him. Like his outer appearance, his stomach is mostly organic but has numerous chunks of metal bulging out of the muscles. Like with any organism, it is slimy and has a pool of acid. It should also be noted that a parasite swims in the acid, and mutagenic veins line the walls.


  • His plates on the back are similar to Godzilla's.
  • His tongue resembles Oroku Saki before the burns on his face.
    • The tongue is actually the brain.
  • His dramatic theme music is similar to Godzilla's.
  • He has a parasite in his stomach, which Mikey had to fight after he got eaten.


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