The Mushroom Men are mutant mushrooms. They are loyal to their leader Fungus Humungous!


The Mushroom Men first apperared in the episode Fungus Humungous.  They attacked the Turtles, April, and Casey. They sprayed them with a toxin that made them see their greatest fears! 

Leonardo managed to come over his fear and defeated them (along with their leader) with sun light.

But one of the Mushroom Men can be seen on Mikey's pizza... and it's twerking! This final Mushroom Man was presumably killed in the destruction of the Sewer Lair by the Kraang.


  • They spray a toxin that makes you hallucinate (Much like a drug).
  • The panic-induced toxin from the Mushroom Men is a reference from Scarecrow's poison in "Batman Begins".
  • They look like creatures that made roles as main enemies in few levels of the 1993 SNES videogame Zombies Ate My Neighbors.
  • It's still unknown if they will return. Rather unlikely, however.
  • It's still unknown that one of them will mutate into Fungus Humungous or not.
  • It's unlikely a toy will be made.
  • The music they dance to before knocking Leo into Fungus Humungous' lair is a slightly sped-up version of Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
  • It's still unknown what happened to the one that twerking on pizza of Mikey. (Probably he just threw it away into the trash).
  • The only survivor of them might grow in the numbers again. (If it can escape from Mikey).
  • Like Newtralizer, they were named by Donatello.
  • They most likely came in contact when a stray mutagen canister it most likely fell into the sewers and splashed over a fungi colony.
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