The Party Wagon had originally belonged to Kirby O'Neil during his days as a hippie until he gave it to the turtles who used as the turtles second main vehicle after the Shell Raiser was destroyed.


In The Invasion, as the turtles wondering how they can escape Kirby showed them his vehicle before he was mutated by Kraang Prime. It was later used by Casey to find his family as he transported an unconscious and battered Leonardo around. Casey later used it to strike Kraang Prime who was attacking the turtles and April after the Turtle Mech was damaged by the villain. The turtles and April board the van and used it to escape New York during the Kraang invasion.

In Return to New York, it was given a paint job and upgrade by Casey, April and the Turtles. It became equipped with several weapons and fitted with new tires to better fight off the Kraang in New York. With the vehicle now complete, the group then drove it back to New York and later used it to escape Shredder's lair after they were able to save Splinter.

In Clash of the Mutanimals, Donnie repaired the Shell Raiser allowing them to use both vehicles in their missions.


  • The van had "Dr. Kirby" written on its back, as it was Mr. O'Neil's van.
  • Playmates released a new Party Wagon toy in 2015.
  • The final customized version of the van has a reference to Venus de Milo painted on its left side.
  • The NYCC 2014 preview show the van's new license plate will say "CWABNGA" a reference to the turtles' most famous catchphrase: Cowabunga. For now, it says "LUVDCTR", as the van belonged to Doctor O'Neil in his "Peace and Love" days.
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