The Patrol Buggy is a vehicle used by the TMNT. Built, by Donatello, it is actually four separate vehicles that can be attached or detached as needed. It can be operated as one single vehicle, detach into two two-seater vehicles, or into four one-seater vehicles. Despite their Go-Kart-like appearance Donnie dislikes it being referred to as a "Go-Kart". The Buggy is equipped with grappling hooks and a supply of caltrops to shred an opposing vehicle's tires. This vehicle debuted in the episode Panic in the Sewers.


  • The Patrol Buggy got made into a few differnet varients of toys in the Playmates toy-line.
  • In Panic in the Sewers, the arrangement is Raph (orange front seat), Leo (next to Raph), Mikey (behind Raph) and Donnie (behind Leo), but starting TCRI, the arrangement switch from one side to the other.
  • April is seen riding it in Leo's place in Of Rats and Men