Rasputin The Mad Frog
Rasputin TMNT


Mutant Frog

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Punk Frogs


Napoleon Bonafrog,Attila The Frog,Genghis Frog

Voiced by

Maurice Lamarche

First Appearance

The Croaking

Rasputin is a member of the Punk Frogs and a brother to Napoleon.


The Croaking: Mutated along with the other Punk Frogs after Mom-Thing poured mutagen upon them, Rasputin grew up to be the genius of the frogs, and one of Attila's right hand men. It is revealed by Attila that Rasputin was the first to discover the mutagen pool, and the sacred tree that grew from it. When the rest of the turtles came to rescue their allies, Rasputin stayed out of the fight until he snared Napoleon with his tongue to prevent the frog from freeing the prisoners. Napoleon knocked Rasputin back into the hollow part of the tree, making him tip over a candle, setting the whole tree on fire! Rasputin is not seen with the other frogs escaping the blaze, and at the end he did appear when he and the rest of the Punk Frogs moved to Louisiana.


Like Attila, Rasputin has hatred towards humans, and thinks they should be destroyed. This is displayed when he uses his tongue to stop Napoleon from Mikey and his human 'friends'. He also seems to have a major distrust towards turtles, thinking that their shells give them something to hide.


Rasputin is a medium sized frog with grey-blue skin, dark eyes, and long frills that hang from his chin acting like a beard, and two other frills forming a mustache. He wears a small set of glasses over his eyes, a cloak with a eye symbol, and a hat ( a fez) on his head giving him a scholarly appearance. This suits him well, because obviously he's the genius of the frogs.


  • He was the Punk Frog that first discovered the mutagen that transformed them.
  • The eye symbol on his cloak resembles the eye on the fluorescent light flickering from hand to eye on the fortune teller store in Rise of the Turtles.


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