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Gwendoline Yeo

First Appearance

City at War

"Don't you know what my name means?" — Shinigami

Shinigami is a mystical witch, a old friend of Karai from Japan and a new ally of the Ninja Turtles who made her debut in City at War


City at War

Shinigami is first seen as a black cat and then confronted the turtles and April and stole her weapon. Later he went to Shredder's lair and gave his weapon not to Shredder but to Karai. When the turtles arrive, Karai explains that Shinigami is an old friend of hers from Japan, and April fights her to retrieve her weapon. Although April loses, she still manages to get her gun back. Later, she and Karai head to an ancient building where Shredder stores their weapons, and Tiger Claw, Fishface and Rahzar attempt to ambush them, but she give the mutants the element of surprise. She fights against Tiger Claw and attempted to hypnotize him with her stone, but she was still defeated and knocked out by Tiger Claw. She and Karai were tied up and used as bait to try to remove the turtles. When they are rescued by the turtles, she and Mikey (who was injured by her) fought Rahzar and then escaped. She is later seen with Karai bowing to April for forgiveness.

Broken Foot 

Shinigami help Karai and Leo in the 3 missions (the Temple, Auman Chemicals and Foot Bot Factory) behind Shredder and she creates new Ninjas soldiers from Japan for the new clan of Karai's feet. 


Normal Form 

Shinigami has long black hair that usually obscures half of her right face with and she wears white foundation over her entire face with light pink to accentuate her cheek bones and purple eyeshadow that's similar to Karai's, her lips are coated in purple lipstick to complete the Ghost-like look she goes for.

Her outfit cosists of a black and purple bodysuit with Yellow tiger stripes on her waist and a yellow stone on her belly button area. In addition she wears long black leg warmers and matching long gloves and Gnome like shoes. She wears a cape with a Batwing motiv which looks like a dress whenever she closes it around her.



  • Sorcery: Shinigami possesses a wide knowledge of magic arts which she inherited from her family. She was able to summon potent spells various times, with no apparent great effort or failure. For example, she was able to completely transform herself into a black cat, cast illusions to stun her opponents, or summon bat out of nowhere but shadows. She also possesses many magic artifacts, like the Hypno Stone she uses to hypnotize any person's mind.


  • Ninjutsu: Shinigami was also trained in martial arts and several fighting techniques and skills, like Karai the rest of the Foot Clan.
  • Hypnotism: Using the Hypno Stone or simply deep eye contact, Shinigami can hypnotize any person to whisper hypnotic suggestions into its subconscious mind, turning the subject into a mindless puppet until the hypnosis is undone, which is only when Shinigami snaps her fingers or someone knocks it off by force. She can also implant comands in the person's mind with delayed effect, for example implanting a sleep command which is triggered by saying the word "sleep", to induce the subject into doing so when she wills. She is a master of psychological manipulation who can influence her subject into doing anything while in trance.

    Shinigami hypnotizing Tiger Claw with her Hypno Stone

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  • Shinigami (死神) is Japanese for "God of Death".



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