Sir Malachi

Real Name

Martin Milton


Human (Formerly)
Mutant House Sparrow (Current)

Fur Color

White and Brown

Eye Color

Grey (sometimes)


Magic Wand


Ninja Turtles

Voiced by

Paul Reubens

First Appearance

Mazes & Mutants

Sir Malachi is a mutant sparrow, who is also a self-acclaimed wizard, who first appeared in Mazes & Mutants. He is voiced by Paul Reubens.

Official Description

"Born from the pages of a most fantastical game, I am the all powerful, all-knowing wizard come to life! Now, the turtles must solve the sinister maze I have created in order to saveth the faire April from a fiery fate!"

- Sir Malachi


Early Life

Matin milton

As human

Born in 1997 in New York City, Martin Milton loved playing the LARPing board game, Mazes and Mutants, but no one would play with him. One day, he was feeding a flock of house sparrows on the rooftops but suddenly a Mutagen canister hit him from the sky, causing mutate into a humanoid house sparrow. He then retreated to the sewers, where he spent the rest of his days playing a solo LARP game of Mazes and Mutants.

Season 2

Mazes and Mutants: When Sir Malachi makes his debut in this episode, he was play a solo game of Mazes and Mutants when saw the Turtles walking around the sewers. He showed the Turtles the game without showing his face. The Turtles brought it back to the lair and loved the game. It made Malachi really happy. He then created an illusion maze and made the Turtles play with him. When he is defeated he tells the Turtles his story. The Turtles pity him and allow him to go. But he must promise not to make people play his game without their consent. Malachi promises. He then becomes a friend to the Turtles.

Season 4

Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind: Though not in reality, Malachi made a cameo in Michelangelo's imagination in the Party Wagon.

Mutant Gangland - Malachi made an appearance tied up in Rockwell's fantasy of Don Vizioso's plan.


Malachi is an anthropomorphic sparrow. He wears a medieval-style hood and tunic and carries a wand with and egg-shaped decoration on top.


Sir Malachi has the amazing power to delve into his opponents minds, and bring about realistic illusions to convince them to play by his rules. How he gained this power through the mutation is a mystery, but it remains quite effective as long as someone believes. Quite possible that he has this special power from being such huge fan of this game board.


  • The creators have said that Malachi's character was inspired by the role-playing games that they all enjoy and they very much wanted a "wizard" character.


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