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Space Heroes is a fictional, animated T.V show in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is Leonardo's favorite show, and he wants to be just like the main character in it, Captain Ryan. Raphael thinks the show is stupid, and calls Leo "Hero Boy" because Leo acts just like Captain Ryan sometimes. The show is a parody of other space shows and movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek. 


  • Captain Ryan - The main hero and leader of a spaceship crew in "Space Heroes." He resembles Captain James T. Kirk.
  • Crankshaw - A young ensign who Captain Ryan slaps every time he panics.
  • Dr. Mindstrong - An alien scientist.
  • Commander Grundch - The second-in-command of Captain Ryan.
  • Rodriguez - A soldier chosen by Captain Ryan for a suicide land mission.
  • "That Other Guy" - A green-skinned human-like alien who was chosen by Captain Ryan for a suicide land mission. He resembles an Andorian from the Star Trek franchise.
  • Trumplets - Small, cute and furry, yet annoying creatures. They are a parody of the Tribbles from Star Trek.
  • Celestial - A minor character who tried to seduce Captain Ryan into giving her the secret codes only for Ryan to disintegrate her. Captain Ryan keeps her boots as a memento.
  • Hypnotica - An alien that brainwashed Captain Ryan into thinking it was a beautiful woman.
  • Cortexicons - A race of strange mind-controlling aliens. One of them took control of Dr. Mindstrong in one episode (a cryptic prediction of Metalhead getting possessed by the Kraang).
  • Digesters - A race of large, orange blob-like creatures (although one was shown) that attacked a landing party sent by Ryan. It is later heard eating the trio and belches. The digester resembles Cloggy Colon Creature from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go


  • The art style of the cartoon is a parody of Filmation's Star Trek: The Animated Series
  • The show has a running gag where the Captain slaps a panicky ensign, even when it isn't actually called for.
  • Both The Other Guy and Rodriguez are a parody of the Red Shirts trope of Star Trek, in which the some of the landing party of the Enterprise consists of a Security Team who wear red uniform shirts. These individuals usually die in almost every episode.
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