I give you...the T-Phone!

T-Phones are phones that the Turtles use in TMNT. The T-Phones are designed for the Turtles to communicate with each other, and coordinate their movements in the area. They were made by Donatello (Or Donnie). All the Turtles carry one, including April and Casey. The Ring-tone is a chip tune version of the theme song from the 1987 TMNT cartoon. The T-Phones have proven to be very powerful, as Donnie is shown to be able to use them to hack into advanced alien technology. In a word, the T-Phone is the Swiss Army Knife of all cell phones. They made their debut in Monkey Brains.


  • "T-Phone" is a parody of Apple Inc.'s "IPhone".
  • The T-Phone works the same way as a phone we use today, except the appearance is different, with the phone shaped like a turtle's shell.