Tang Shen
Tang Shen Profile

Real Name

Tang Shen



Hair Color



Hamato Clan


Hamato Yoshi (husband)
Hamato Miwa (daughter)

First Appearance

Tale Of The Yokai

Voiced by

Minae Noji

Tang Shen was Master Splinter's (when he was still known as Hamato Yoshi) wife and Karai/Miwa's mother, who he and Shredder had fought over in Japan.


Tang Shen was a young Japanese woman with a Chinese Grandfather that Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi both had loved, but her love was only towards Yoshi. This made Shredder jealous to the point where he insulted his former friend in front of her. Splinter struck him to the ground, which sparked their hatred even more. Eventually, Splinter and Tang Shen had married and were blessed with a baby girl, Miwa. Not wanting her daughter to follow the path of the Hamato Clan, she tried to convince Yoshi to leave Japan and move to New York City. Following an argument on the matter, she encountered the Turtles, who had traveled back in time. Thinking them to be Yokai, she was afraid until Saki arrived and chased them off. He then tried to convince Shen to leave Yoshi and go to New York with him, where they could raise Miwa together. However, upon meeting the Turtles again, she learned of their goodly nature, and they tried to convince her not to leave Yoshi.

That night, Shredder attacked Splinter in his dojo home with the intention of killing him. Prior to this clash, Saki again urged Shen to leave Yoshi, but she remained faithful and reluctantly left her husband to face his foe. As they battled, a fire broke out and eventually burned Splinter's home to the ground. During the battle fought in the blaze, Shen left Miwa outside and ran to save Yoshi from one of Saki's blows, only to be struck down. Badly burned, Saki escaped and abducted Miwa, renaming her Karai. As she grew up he would tell her that Yoshi had murdered her, raising her to unknowingly hate her own father.

Tang Shen has been mentioned several times by Splinter throughout the series. She was as beautiful as she was kind, and as kind as she was intelligent.



  • Like many of her previous incarnations, she always dies first.
  • Unlike her other incarnations, she has a biological child.
  • She is the first character to die on screen.