The Technodrome is the Kraang Mother Ship that the Kraang tried to use in the final phase of the invasion of Earth. It first appeared in "Showdown".

Technodromes in dimension x.png

The Technodromes are an enormous, spherical warships that bristles with laser cannons and is dotted with ports for hundreds of capture pods. The capture pods are smaller spheres, about the size of an average car, that are used to abduct people and animals for experimentation. The front side of the ship is dominated by a huge purple "eye".

The interior of the ship is made up of vast corridors and houses thousands of Kraang. The Kraang generate anti-gravity inside the ship to ease the movements of their hovercrafts. The ship is commanded by the "glorious" leader of the Kraang; Kraang Prime.

Thanks to the efforts of The Turtles, the Technodrome was sent plummeting to the bottom of the ocean. However, it is seen again in "Plan 10".


  • As of the events of Plan 10, Sheldon apparently swims around the Technodrome rather than the base that got blown up in "Karai's Vendetta". Otherwise the turtles shouldn't have encountered him on their way.
  • The Technodrome of the 2012 series is somewhat similar to the Technodrome of the 2003 series, but..
    • It doesn't have wheels to move.
    • Unlike the Technodrome of the 2003 series. It doesn't have a force field and has lots of cannons.
    • Unlike the version of 1987 series. It's flying instead of wheeling.
  • Much like the '87 series, the Technodrome comes out to attack in the final episode, only to get stranded someplace after The Turtles beat the bad guys. Whether or not this will be a recurring trope like its '87 counterpart or just a fun nod to the fans of that series remains to be seen.
  • The Technodrome's "eye" in its center may be a reference to the Death Star from Star Wars. It may also be a giant Power Cell.
  • There are still a lot of Technodromes in Dimension X.
  • It's still unknown why the Kraang didn't use the Technodromes in their second invasion.
  • Unlike other Kraang technology, they're powered by the mutagen, not Dimension X crystals.
  • In "Battle for New York", the turtles hijack a Technodrome in Dimension X and convert it's entire mutagen supply into retromutagen, making it the very first Retromutagen Technodrome.

    The Retrodrome.