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The Tessen is a steel, razor-edged fan used by April O'Neil that was originally for Karai.    


The Tessen appeared in Baxter's Gambit. Master Splinter had hoped to, one day, give it to Miwa Hamato. Splinter gives it to April as he sees her as a surrogate daughter. The fan is shown to be as dangerous as it is beautiful, much like a kunoichi.

It appeared again in Karai's Vendetta when she tries to use it in her battle against Karai, saying it's very deadly in the right hands.

In a way, the tessen is a perfect weapon for April as it is beautiful but dangerous as she is (beautiful yes, dangerous no, but she is still working on it). It also seems to be more along the lines of speed and defense which April is most strongest at.

In The Invasion, it is revealed that April had two Tessen.

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