• Ok so as we all know, Alopex first apperd in Tale of Tiger Claw but will she apper in future episodes and here is another quastion I have; If Alopex appers in more episodes, will she be a member of The Hamato Clan or a member of the Mighty Mutanimals or a member of Karai & Shinigami's Rebuilt Foot Clan?

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    • i hope soo she will she is kinda good member i remeber a quote angel or casey said ah richt back at ya flulfy girlor some thing i for got XD

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    • I hope that a sixth season of Ninja Turtles comes out, I really want to see more of Alopex, I think she’s adorable I just want to hug her, pet her, scratch her ears, stroke her tail and carry on. She would make a good mutant girlfriend for Casey since April has Donnie and Raph has Mona Lisa, She could be partners with Angel like in the comics, and Angel could be Casey’s aforementioned little sister and Alopex could live with them and their father.

      Here are some quotes from the comics they could use:

      Alopex and Angel teamup -

      Alopex: “So... you think you could use some help on the streets?”

      Angel: “Me? Hell Yeah!”

      Alopex: “Sounds Good then, Partner.”

      Angel: “Great!”

      This quote could be for Angel or Casey to say to Alopex -

      “Aw. Right back atcha, Silly Fluffy Girl. Gimme a hug.”

      Want a sixth season and more Alopex there’s a petition for season 6 at the following site:

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    • To be honest I kinda like alopex 

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