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The Triceratons are an alien race from outer space who resemble anthropomorphic triceratops.


The Triceratons are the hated rivals of the Kraang, whom they have long battled for control of Dimension X. The conflict has been incredibly fierce, with the Kraang going so far as to destroy the Triceraton home world with a black-hole generator. As a result, only a single fleet-including the Triceraton Mother Ship-survives, but has become all the more determined to destroy the Kraang by any means necessary.

The Triceraton Mothership was destroyed when Fugitoid combines the dark matter of the Ulixes' power core with the fusion energy of his own power core, creating a cataclysmic explosion that engulfs the flagship, the Ulixes, and the Heart of Darkness, destroying all of them, and wiping out Mozar and all of his troops in one fall swoop, saving the Earth from being wiped out in Earth's Last Stand alongside the Emperor.

Known Members

  • Emperor Zanramon (Leader)
  • Captain Mozar (Captain, later Admiral)
  • Zarus (Scientist)
  • Zorin (Second in-command)
  •  Zog (Soldier)
  • Zovox (Lieutenant)
  • Zeno
  • Zark (Sergeant)
  •  Triceraton Soldiers
  •  Triceraton Scientists

Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past


  • Unlike in the original comics and 2003 series, the government of the Triceratons is not in form of the Republic, but an Empire like in the 1987 series.
  • Triceratons breathe nitrogen, but they get "sick" and become delusional by breathing oxygen. This is the concept from the original comics that was featured in the 2003 cartoon series.
  • In the episode Pizza Face, there was an Easter Egg on a payphone with graffiti that reads "TRICERATONS ARE HERE" with a picture of the Triceraton logo. This is foreshadowing the Triceratons' debut in the show.

    Triceraton Easter Egg on payphone.

  • They live on a Mobile Homeworld.
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